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Spoiled Rotten
plaster and water color
Power Tool
candy Mylar, steel, wood.
Interior View
Candy Mylar, steel, wood.
Exterior View
Candy, Mylar, steel, wood
Unsweet No. 1 (Classic)
Werthers original, wood
3' x 1'
Unsweet No. 2
bubblegum, second hand fabric, wood, spray paint
3' x 3' x 3'

Unsweet is a body of work created out of a response to patriarchal ideals that have been imposed upon me. In particular, this series focuses on how using terms like sweetie, honey, and sugar belittles others. It is my first body of work pertaining to womens' rights. These terms used in inappropriate situations ( for example with strangers) are all too common and are used to establish power over the other person.

I use candy ironically to visually articulate my concept that is anything but sweet, in fact it is unsweet.