• Unsweet


    As a young woman, I have experienced many sexist remarks in my lifetime from having the focus be on my looks to the importance of domesticity. The most wide-spread and unnoticed sexism I've experienced is that of referring to women as commodities like sweetie/honey/sugar/etc in order to display a level of false intimacy, demean a woman, or pity her. Unsweet is my latest body of work about how truly unsweet it is to be called pet names from strangers or those in positions of authority. Unsweet brings awareness to this issue in order to prevent comments like these from being overlooked and further perpetuating the problem.

    As my work has progressed, the meaning of my work has as well. These pet names are rooted in engendered stereotypes that have been systematically perpetuated throughout history to imply that there is a weaker sex, women. This idea has subtly encouraged people of all genders to buy into these "ideals" and this power struggle.

    Let's empower women and others and raise them up.